Water Rescue

Open Water

Aero Fire & Rescue Serviceoperate a comprehensive safety and rescue standby service for work near or on water, All our technicians are multi disciplinary.

In combination with our extensive range of boats and other water rescue equipment, this enables us to maintain effective cover in changeable water and weather conditions.  Our teams are equipped and trained to operate from bank or beach, on mud, through vegetation, in shallow wading water, on deep slow water on fast moving water, from boat, sled or in water swimming rescues.  Having serving and retired emergency service workers on our team, you can be sure you are getting the best that’s available.

We are also used to working in high risk, safety critical, high profile environments.  Our teams are disciplined, properly equipped, with the protection of a full audit system, attentive to their duties and very well prepared in terms of planning, documentation and experience.

With the scale and reach of our operations we are able to react to changes in deployment length and circumstances driven be weather.  This resilience in terms of equipment, people and skills is essential to keeping your project moving forward when you hit unexpected challenges.

Our teams will also brief and train operatives on water PPE and rescue procedures, check client PPE (for example check condition and test dates on life jackets) and support proactively to build the safety culture and support your task.

We will work with you to write and develop your hazard register, risk assessments, method statements, response plans etc for the water element of what you are doing.

Our teams are all first aid qualified and first aid experienced.  They deploy with a comprehensive first aid / trauma pack together with oxygen and defibrillator.  Often they will have rescue stretchers and rope rescue equipment with them too, depending upon the nature of the work environment.

Our support office is manned 24/7.  This means you can always get hold of us and we will always respond to your urgent requests if it is possible to do so.

Our deployed teams are supported by a duty manager and are subject to site audits to maintain standards and improve performance.

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