Technical Rescue

Safety & Rescue Cover

Aero Fire & Rescue Servicework across all disciplines of water, rope and confined space to provide innovative, reliable and robust safety and rescue services to our clients.

Often faced by combined risks, our teams are expert, well trained, experienced and tested so you know they can be counted on, if the time arises. Our role as standby rescue is often combined with providing access solutions to get workers, engineers, surveyors and examiners to the difficult access site.

We often work in regulated, high risk environments so when you partner with us, you get scale, experience and a disciplined team.  From the industrial plants to partnering on operations with the emergency services, we are trusted to deploy to high risk, high profile, high pressured environments to provide professional and resilient support.

Our operations office is open 24/7 as we have a duty team on call.  This means you get the benefit of being able to speak with us any time of day or night when we have team working with you. Standby and rescue teams are rarely tested, so when deployed our teams add value by conducting training, tool box talks, equipment checks etc to work with you to build and enhance your safety culture.

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